To be handed in on Monday, 12th September.


Choose is or are to fill the gaps.

  1. Richard _____in Gran’s garden looking at the big beech tree.
  2. Richard and Sue _____ both visiting Gran today.
  3. Gran _____ happy to see Richard smile out in the garden.
  4. Sue and Gran do not know Richard _____ thinking of climbing up the tree.
  5. Sue and Richard _____ looking forward to the tea that Gran _____ making.

Choose has or have to fill the gaps.

  1. “_____ you washed your hands yet,” asks Gran.
  2. Gran _____ made some scones and lots of jam sandwiches for the kids to _____.
  3. “I _____ to eat lots if I am going to climb that tree,” thinks Richard.
  4. The tree _____ seen lots of boys try to climb it, but most _____ given up.
  5. After tea, Richard and Sue _____ to wash up and Gran _____ to watch TV!


Choose a number from 15 to 20. Write it down.

Find three numbers that add up to your total. Each of the three numbers must be different.

Investigate different ways of doing it.


Words ending in a

  • banana
  • camera
  • umbrella
  • koala
  • tarantula
  • sofa
  • area
  • gala
  • puma
  • pizza
  • samba
  • sauna
  • siesta
  • fiesta
  • bacteria
  • paella