To be handed in on Monday, 26th September.


Last week, we found a list of rivers around the UK and around the world.

I want you to find out some facts about rivers.

You may want to research the longest rivers, famous rivers, rivers in the UK, rivers in Yorkshire – it’s up to you.

Try to find out where it is, its length, what life is like in and around it, what people use it for, plus anything else you want to know.

There is a list of suitable web sites that will help you below – and if these don’t work, I have a selection of sheets that may help you.

Think of an interesting way to show the information you find out.


Please do your work on the sheet using a pencil and a ruler. Hand this back to me by Monday. Make sure your name is on it!

We have been learning how to find digital roots for a multiplication table. This is where you  write the table down and then add the digits of the answer together, until you are left with one digit. We then joined the numbers together in order on a number wheel. There is an example for those who can’t quite remember! I would like you to do the 10, 11 and 12 x tables on the wheels below.


Words ending in u and i

  • gnu
  • Peru
  • Zulu
  • haiku
  • ecru
  • emu
  • kiwi
  • bhaji
  • alibi
  • ski
  • spaghetti
  • corgi
  • chapatti
  • fungi
  • ravioli
  • macaroni