To be handed in on Monday, 10th October.


This week we have seen how dictionaries and information texts use alphabetical order to help us find information.

A) Put each line of words into alphabetical order. Look at the first letter.

  1. dog you bean animal lion
  2. just grab kneel cat east

B) Look at the second letter of each word when arranging them alphabetically.

  1. plank press panic punch perch
  2. grape geese goat garden goose

C) Look at the third letter this time.

  1. harmful habit has hatch hamster
  2. prune prepare produce price prank


We have been looking at properties of triangles this week.

Measure the sides of the triangles below and decide if each one is Scalene, Equilateral or Isosceles.

Label them S, E or I.


  • Isosceles triangles have 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles .
  • Scalene triangles have no equal sides  and no equal angles.
  • Can you find any equilateral triangles? They have 3 equal sides.
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Plurals ending with y

  • party
  • parties
  • city
  • cities
  • puppy
  • puppies
  • curry
  • curries
  • worry
  • worries
  • hobby
  • hobbies
  • story
  • stories
  • fairy
  • fairies