To be handed in on Monday, 17th October.


This week we have begun researching information to help us write our own information texts. Your task is a very simple one this week.

I want you to read a piece of information from a book or a newspaper and write down three things you have learnt from it.

Make sure you tell me the title of the text you read so your facts make sense to me!

If you like, you could also write down what makes your chosen text a good piece of information.


We have been solving some word problems this week. Have a go at these examples. Remember to read each one through carefully and pick out the important information that you need to work the answer out.

  1. Joe was 12 when Sophie was 7. Sophie is 20 now. How old is Joe?
  2. Carol is 58 and Joshua is 15. How old was Carol when Joshua was born?
  3. Jane had 34 Smarties and 16 M&Ms. Kevin ate 21 of her sweets. How many sweets does Jane have left?
  4. Claire put 130g sugar, 2 eggs and 100g flour into a mixture. If the mixture now weighs 290g, how much did the eggs weigh?
  5. Elly owes Chris £27. Emily owes Elly £13 and Emma owes Elly £35. How much will Elly have when all the money has been paid back?


Plurals ending in f or fe

  • life
  • lives
  • thief
  • thieves
  • scarf
  • scarves
  • knife
  • knives
  • loaf
  • loaves
  • leaf
  • leaves
  • sheaf
  • sheaves
  • self
  • selves