To be handed in on Monday, 31st October.


Over the half term, I would like you to play a listening game with your family. It is like the game we played in class.

Draw a secret picture on a piece of paper, making sure it’s not too hard. Then you need to describe your drawing to a member of your family. Make sure you carefully explain what they need to draw. After this, ask them to draw a picture to describe to you!

Try to do this a few times over the holiday and bring in your pictures to show me.


Over the half term, I would like you to continue learning your times tables. Think carefully about which you feel comfortable with and which you need to work on. On, there is a link to a fabulous game called Timez Attack which may help some of you. It needs downloading, so you may need to talk to an adult about it.


Irregular plurals

  • mouse
  • mice
  • goose
  • geese
  • child
  • children
  • man
  • men
  • woman
  • women
  • fungus
  • fungi
  • tooth
  • teeth
  • fish
  • sheep