To be handed in on Monday, 7th November 2011.


We have begun looking at the ancient poem, Beowulf this week. We have learnt a little about its history and how important the text is. We have also discussed how Beowulf contains a large number of kennings. These are poems that describe something using short lines of two words (an example is below). I want you to make up a kenning poem for something, or someone, in your house.


Nutty creature
Tree swinger
Cheeky climber
High Jumper
Banana Muncher
Happy laughter


In Numeracy this week, we have looked again at adding, thinking about number bonds to 100 and decimal number bonds to 10. Below is a grid of numbers. You need to circle any four digits (horizontally or vertically) which total 20. The numbers only run horizontally or vertically, and no square is used twice. There are 14 different ways, can you find them all?

Make 20 - Click to enlarge.

If you want more practice with your number bonds to 100, try this game.


Prefixes auto, bi and tele

  • automatic
  • autobahn
  • automobile
  • autobiography
  • autograph
  • telepathy
  • telephone
  • television
  • telegraph
  • telescope
  • biscuit
  • bilingual
  • bicentenary
  • biceps
  • binocular
  • bifocal