To be handed in on Monday, 21st November 2011.


We have been building up to writing our own Beowulf style story next week. I want you to think carefully about your setting, your character’s life and overall story in readiness to begin writing on Monday. Make notes if you like, but time thinking is good too!

Also, if you have Christmas play words to learn, keep learning them.


In Numeracy this week we have looked at different types of graphs and fractions, mixed numbers and the links between them.

  • A mixed number is made up of a whole number and a fraction.
  • An improper fraction is where the numerator (the top number) is larger than the denominator (the bottom number).

Change the mixed numbers below to their improper fraction. You can draw pictures to help you too.

In the example below, 3 1/2 is the same as 7/2.

A) 2 ¼ =


B) 5 1/3=


C) 3 ¾ =


D) 4 ¼ =


E) 6 ¾ =



Using root words

  • electric
  • electricity
  • electrician
  • electrical
  • mechanic
  • mechanical
  • mechanism
  • mechanise
  • meteor
  • meteorite
  • meteorology
  • meteoric
  • prison
  • prisoner
  • imprisoned
  • imprisonment