To be handed in on Monday, 21st November 2011.


Read this text:

the problem was mondays every monday mum took katie to the saddle club but because it was seven miles away she didn’t think it was worth coming home so she waited that meant kimberley had to wait too and kimberley hated horses she liked harleys much better harleys are american motorbikes with high handlebars and low seats kimberley thought it would be much more fun to ride a harley than a horse

  • Say if reading it was easy or difficult and explain why.
  • Rewrite the passage adding capital letters and full stops.

Also, if you have Christmas play words to learn, keep learning them.


In Numeracy this week we have continued developing our fraction knowledge and begun looking at ratio.

  1. Chicken must be cooked 50 minutes for every kg. How long does it take to cook a 3kg chicken?
  2. Zara uses 3 tomatoes for every half a litre of sauce. How much sauce can she make from 15 tomatoes? How many tomatoes does she need to make 1 litre of sauce?
  3. A mother seal is fed 5 fish for every 2 fish for its baby. Alice fed the mother seal 15 fish. How many fish did the baby get? Alice fed the baby seal 8 fish. How many fish did its mother get?
  4. Kate shares out 12 sweets. She gives Jim 1 sweet for every 3 sweets she takes. How many sweets does Jim get?
  5. There are 5 toffees to every 2 chocolates in a box of 28 sweets. How many chocolates are there in the box?


Using root words

  • child
  • children
  • childish
  • childishness
  • childhood
  • childlike
  • childless
  • childlessness
  • joy
  • joyful
  • joyous
  • joyfully
  • enjoy
  • enjoying
  • enjoyment
  • enjoyable