To be handed in on Monday, 5th December 2011.


Combine these sentences by writing an appropriate conjunction in the gap. Choose from: although, and, as, because, but, for, until, when, where, while.

The girls were frightened _____ they heard the thunder. They got soaked _____ it rained unexpectedly. They decided to take shelter _____ the rain stopped. Tara felt uneasy _____ they entered the old house. Zara tried to switch on the lights _____ there was no electricity. Tara opened a cupboard _____ she found a skeleton. She was about to scream _____ Zara pointed out it was plastic. The girls tried to sleep _____ they were too nervous. Zara woke up early _____ a cock crowed loudly. Tara was happy _____ the rain had stopped.

Also, if you have Christmas play words to learn, keep learning them.


In Numeracy this week we have revised the use of pictograms. The pictogram these questions relate to is below (click to enlarge).

  1. Which flavour is the most popular?
  2. Which flavours are the least popular?
  3. Which flavour is twice as popular as raspberry?
  4. How many children preferred citrus fruit flavours?
  5. How many children were there in this sample?
  6. Would these findings be true for a whole class in the school? Why?
  7. What data might you collect and present using a pictogram?


Revision words

  • mystery
  • mysteries
  • telepathy
  • bifocal
  • transmitter
  • autograph
  • shelf
  • shelves
  • hero
  • heroine
  • heroic
  • heroism
  • obey
  • obedient
  • disobey
  • disobedient