You need: Post-its™ (or scrap paper), a pen or pencil

  1. Choose an advert and watch it several times.
  2. Pick out some key sentences.
  3. On each Post-it, write one key sentence from the advertisement.
  4. With your partner, decide if the sentence is a fact, opinion or a mixture of both.
  5. If it is a mixture, highlight to show which is fact and which is opinion.
  6. Sort the Post-its into 3 piles to show which is fact, opinion or a mixture of both.
  7. Put the piles in order of persuasiveness – most persuasive at the top.
  8. Count the piles to decide whether fact and opinion use is balanced in the advertisement, or whether there is much more of one than another.
  9. Repeat the activity with a different advert. Is the balance of fact and opinion the same or different?

Advert A: Dettol Advertisement

Advert B: Waitrose Advertisement

Advert C: Lloyds Pharmacy

Advert D: Moonpig Advertisement